January Update

I've been pretty busy between back to work, school and volunteering. Ive been slowly creating new creations, with lots more buzzing in my brain.

Lets talk about my art show.

It has been a slow start and now things seem to be picking up some pace. Met some hot and cold people, and finally found someone who is going to help me out with a venue. YAAAY! our goal is to have the art show within May, during youth week. We will be partnering with Burnaby, and bringing in lots of new people. I am super excited for this. Currently I am looking for someone to do spoken word in the art show, also looking for a button maker, if anybody could help me out that would be great. When plans start rolling I will be making a facebook event with lots of updates along the journey. Afterwards of this whole experience I will write a blog post explaing this whole process. It's been frustrating and exciting so far. Being my first year of actually putting stuff out for the world to see, it's alot for me to take on this art show but im thankful for those supporting me and for the people I have met along the way/

#art #artshow #rzer0x #promotion #excitingnews #news #love #supportyourlocalartists #website

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