Prom Night: Romancing Sustainablity

May 9th! Save the DATE! You don't need a date for this prom! We invite you, and everyone you know to come on down and check out our show. My friend and I have worked very hard to bring this together, we are still tieing knots. As I mentioned before we will be donating money to an "At risk youth" organization. We finally found the perfect one. "TAKE A HIKE" which has been around for awhile in Vancouver, but recently opened it's doors about a year ago in Burnaby. 100% of addmission fees and 50% of the artsists sales will be going towards donation. We are working towards holdig a raffle, aswell as having food and drinks. The art show itself will be split into two serparate events, one all ages and the other 19+ (don't forget your ID). All "staff" will be volunteering they're time and all artists are expected to be selling atleast one piece of artwork. We have an arts of all sorts lined up for the night including, photography, painting, sculpture, chalk, dance, music, comedy, spoken word, etc. I am really excited for this oppurtunity to have youth and young artists come together and showcase their talents, that they may not have had a chance before. The point of the art show, is to break free, get young artitsts seen and heard aswell as donating money for a good cause. You can stay up to date with the art show on facebook. We also have links and a breif bio of what and who TAKE A HIKE is. We have also partnered with Burnaby Neighbourhood House, who have donated time, space and support to help create the bow out of the knot. I hope to see you all there!

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