I have been slowly adding things on my etsy store, check it out in the shop tab!. You can find paintings, earrings, magnets, postcards etc. SO FAR!. There will be more. I will be trying to being my third party website products to the shop, instead of having all these links, and being them all into one place for all can see.

What else is new? Well my book has been published through amazon, a WAY cheaper option for you!. There al multiple versions available, you can find this under my book section tab. I am so excited for people to read and love it.

I have added more and taken away some thirs party websites. Trying to filter out the beat products and services. Last thing I want is people not to be happy with their service.

My dream had been slow and painful and aggravating at times but I feel like I am on the right pat. All in due time this crown will rise.

Remember I offer custom creations for 100$. 

Peace, love n shit everyone. 😛

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Roxzano. Creations from my imagination 

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