Chalk Art

The weather has been nicer so I've been chalking alot in the local parks. Chalking so hard that my fingers are getting raw. It honestly though is my favourite feeling, the chalk on the pavement. Also my favourite medium. I love doing it at the park to get the kids involved. I art for myself as a release for my self but also for others. To inspire and motivate others. There is no better feeling than being able to cheer someone up, to inspire othersto create, to teach techniques and I mean compliments are great too. 

In the top piece I collabed with a good friend. With the fish I drew out the outlines for the fish and had the kids color them in. With the owl, I had a little boy inspire me through the whole drawing. He kept giving me ideas to bring it alive. The rainbow flower is a self expression of my insides. 

My focus this summer is to focus on myself and my daughter. I want to improve my skills and to be a better person for my daughter. Learn to love myself, the world and life. I have been caught in a dark place for awhile now, looking for attention and apprasial for others. I look to focus my energy in other aspects of my life and the rest will fall in place

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Roxzano. Creations from my imagination 

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